What is        KindPay?

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KindPay is a veteran owned and Michigan based company created for legal provision centers to have an option for credit card processing. KindPay has different options to fit your needs. We even have you covered if you have trouble getting a bank account. 

KindPay is 100% legal and used since 2012 in the United States. KindPay also donates portions of our net profits to veterans.  By using KindPay you are giving back to the men and women who have fought to give you the freedoms you are using to run your business today.

KindPay has other options that can fit any dispensary need. Please contact us and we will make this process as easy as we possibly can. You'll be accepting credit cards in no time.

 Cashless ATM

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Our solution, known as Cashless ATM, has been utilized by dispensaries throughout the United States since 2012. Customers are able to use a debit or credit card to pay for products in any physical dispensary or upon delivery.

At checkout, customers swipe their card, then enter their 4 digit PIN and accept a small convenience fee to complete the sale. The merchant is not feed,  Think of it as a cashless ATM.

This option is a favorite of many dispensary owners because it has no processing fees and only a $10 monthly admin fee. Cashless ATM can save dispensaries thousands of dollars in monthly processing fees.


Cashless ATM:

  • First Terminal is Free

  • Accept pin-Based Transactions

  • Out-of-the-box, plug & play processing capability

  • A quick & easy approval process

  • Does not require merchant to change current bank 

  • No processing fees and No long-term contracts

  • 24-48 hour settlement with online reporting

  • Works with Business Bank Account or Personal Bank Account

  • Eliminate cash from sales transaction and reduce risk of theft

With the easy approval process, you can start providing a value-added convenience to

your customers in no time!



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Simply put,

"DirectPay" is basically "PayPal" for the cannabis Industry.

 DirectPay is a service that doubles as a banking solution allowing you to receive payments and transfer money.

How DirectPay Works:

1. Merchant sets up Gateway (A link is provided and walks you through setup after filling out account setup form.)

2. Customer sets up DirectPay account. (Link provided online or via SMS text message for your retail customers)

3. Customer Loads their account by transferring money into DirectPay

4. Customers use their phone number to pay Merchants through Direct Pay

DirectPay details:

  • Quick boarding process (most accounts are boarded in less than 72 hours)

  • $49.95 One Time setup Fee (includes first month Gateway fee)

  • $24.95 a month gateway fee

  • No Contract cancel anytime

  • Instant money transfer and instant settlements 

  • Write checks directly from your gateway

  • Doubles as a banking solution

  • Transfer funds onto your linked debit card for immediate use

  • Customer Conversion Kits to help transition customers at no cost

  • No more bank shut downs

  • No delays on funds