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Thank you for choosing KindPay as your merchant services provider.

An Agent will reach out to you shortly to make sure your account is correct and completed. You can always contact us anytime for help with questions or concerns. We look forward to servicing you.

Help & Frequent Questions

How much does Kindpay cost to sign up? Are there any other fees? 

KindPay is currently free to sign up with no monthly service fees. The first terminal is free and you can purchase or rent more terminals if you need them. There are no hidden fees including no cancelation fees if KindPay is not for you. This program is risk free.

How much are additional terminals?

The first terminal is free. You have two options for every terminal after the free one. You can purchase a terminal for $500 or rent a terminal monthly for $49.99. 

How do the service fees work?

The cashless ATM terminal works just like the current ATM in your store. When a customer inserts their card they must enter their pin number and accept a small service fee for using the machine. The lowest service fee is $3.50 per transaction. We recommend choosing the service fee that matches your current ATM in your store. If your ATM is currently set to $4.50 then choose $4.50 for your service fee so there is no competition between your ATM and your Terminal. This gives your customers a choice.

If you have other questions or need help you can chat with an agent now or call us at 833-755-6696

What are you waiting for ? Get KindPay today and start accepting credit and debit card payments.

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